Who is Alessandra

Ciao! My name is Alessandra Fabbri and I am an Italian teacher. I was born and raised in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome!


“Studying Italian is not just about learning a new language but immersing yourself in its history, culture, art, music, gastronomy … ”

Alessandra Fabbri


Our courses

Italian in the kitchen

Do you want to explore the language through the best and most famous recipes in the world?

Italian in the art world

Through this course, you will learn the history of an artwork, enter the home or studio of the artist who created it.

Italian lessons

To improve your knowledge or to start learning Italian

Italian in the kitchen

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Italian in the kitchen

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Italian in the ART

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“Learning Italian with Alessandra has been great fun. Each lesson is packed with words we will use everyday. Alessandra is patient when we get confused with the language but helps us to make sense of everything. I’d recommend Alessandra to any person,  any age and any ability.” 

Sarah and Andy B. (Blackpool, UK)

“I have really made a lot of progress thanks to Alessandra and will continue my lessons with her as I now enjoy being able to speak Italian and love to do so at any opportunity. Thank you Alessandra, your lessons have been life changing.”

Alan (Blackpool, UK)

“With Alessandra, despite having done 2 lessons per week for almost a year, we have never run out of things to talk about. Every time, it is like connecting with a dear friend. I recommend her with the highest enthusiasm!”  

V.LeBlanc (Gatineau, Canada)

“ Alessandra is so great with kids! My girls adore her.  They learn with fun lessons, playing games and singing songs in Italian. Alessandra is so patient and encouraging.  It’s incredible, my girls and I speak to each other in Italian!  I highly recommend Alessandra to anyone that is thinking about learning Italian.” 

Laura C. (New York, USA)

“Alessandra’s way of teaching Italian is really fun and engaging. She teaches at a pace which is comfortable for everyone and is not afraid to take the time to answer and explain any questions in detail to make sure the whole group is learning and no one is left behind. She is very supportive in all areas but especially in the ones where you feeling like you are not doing well. At the start of our lessons I didn’t understand any Italian however now I feel comfortable to read paragraphs and make light conversation with my colleagues in Italian” 

Owen (Kerakoll Group, Leyland, UK)

“Alessandra is an absolute scream!  We have such a laugh in our group classes, but all whilst learning something new at every moment.  The mix of activities Alessandra uses to teach and the way she makes you feel so relaxed and unafraid to make mistakes, makes sure that we all have a deep understanding of the content and learning outcomes.” 

Karl(Kerakoll Group, Leyland, UK)