Details of the course

If you love Italy, then you also love its art!!
Many of the most beautiful works in the world were created by Italian artists.
With this course you will be able to learn about the history of a work, enter the home or studio of the artist who created it … you can travel through time!


Each lesson includes understanding a story that will tell you about the work of art.
You will deepen the vocabulary and grammatical structures.
You will be able to explore the characteristics of the work, its historical and artistic content.
You will learn the words and expressions related to art and architecture.



You will receive some tips on routes to take in Italy to discover its works of art!

– The course is aimed at those who already have a good knowledge of Italian (the required level is A2 / B2).

-The online course has a duration of 10 lessons (one lesson for each work of art).

-One lesson per week lasting 2 hours.

-Max 6 students per class.